David Bridwell Ph.D.

David Bridwell (Intermark Group)

For the majority of human history, human culture was created by "word of mouth". People ran into each other in the course of their day-to-day lives and shared ideas and the latest community news. Today, human culture emerges through the interaction between our real world experiences and our communications with others through the internet and social media.

The impact that these technological advancements will have on human society is largely unknown, since this technology has only existed for a brief moment of human history. This means we live in a time where it is fascinating, and crucial, to understand human behavior. As a People Scientist at Intermark Group, I am interested in understanding how real world experiences interface with social media to change society in real time. I am interested in understanding the ebb and flow of ideas that emerge within this complex social landscape. I am interested in understanding human behavior where it really matters: how we choose to spend our money and how we choose to spend our time.

The latest goings-on


Webinar: Balancing Branding And Sales In 2020

Join our next webinar to learn about the psychological changes that we’ve seen as the crisis has evolved from pandemic to protest. We’ll look at which brands led the way, which brands struggled, and how marketers can use these insights to balance branding and sales to grow in a shrinking market. It's happening July 8th 10 AM CST and you can sign up here.
(Added 06.12.2020)


Conference Panel Discussion

I'll be talking about Brain Waves, Music, Movies, and More at the 2020 International Conference on Movement and Computing.
(Added 06.30.2020)


Webinar: Marketing Psychology In A Re-opening Economy

In this webinar, we discussed key psychological insights such as loss of identity and openness to new perspectives, and experiences that can shape creative marketing. Click here to watch.
(Added 04.29.2020)


Webinar: Creative Strategy and Strategic Spend

In this webinar, we talked about six creative insights to guide marketing strategy, we discussed why advertising is important during economic downturns, and we discussed how to be smart with production while we’re social distancing. You can watch a video here.
(Added 04.22.2020)


Birmingham Video Creators Quarantine Interview

I enjoyed talking with Andrew Seltz on the Birmingham Video Creators Podcast. We talked about the impact of COVID-19 on live music and what musicians can do during this time. You can watch a video here.
(Added 04.06.2020)


Webinar: Strategies and Consumer Behavior During COVID-19

In this webinar we discussed 5 creative strategies marketers need to consider and 9 key changes in consumer behavior during and following the COVID-19 crisis. Watch it here.
(Added 04.06.2020)


Webinar: Psychological Insights And Marketing Trends Webinar

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to our webinar on Psychological Insights and Marketing Trends For 2020 And Beyond. If you missed it, you can watch it here.
(Added 03.05.2020)


Why Do Videos Go Viral?

I had a great time giving a talk on Why Videos Go Viral. You can watch a video of it here.
(Added 01.27.2020)


Sam Lou Uncased Podcast Interview

I had a good time talking about finding audiences and creativity and so much more on the Sam Lou Uncased podcast. Check it out here.
(Added 01.01.2020)

OHBM 2019

Conference Presentation

My latest research on Cortical sensitivity to phonemes forming words and Changes in FMRI network dynamic connectivity following 40 Hz visual stimulation were on display at the 2019 OHBM meeting in Rome Italy.
(Updated 08.04.2019)

Radio Interviews

Radio Interviews

In part 1 of an interview on KUNM 89.9 FM, Marty Adamsmith and I talk about my latest paper in Scientific Reports. In part 2 we discuss mosh pits, the whites of your eyes, how attention is the environment impinging on your brain, and whether we can find the brain measures that correspond to people "clicking". (Added 09.11.2018)

Scientific Reports

New Paper in Scientific Reports

My latest paper came out in Scientific Reports! We show that EEG alpha activity within a speaker during speech preparation is correlated with the listener N400 ERP response to the produced speech. The relationship between listener N400 amplitudes and the speaker’s preparatory alpha activity may appear as a result of each process overlapping in their sensitivity to individual effort and cortical processing. (Updated 08.27.2018)

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